Here in this world of random they're 4 main characters you should be aware of as their existence in this world is quite important.

There's the Power Trio and.....Ouge!


Here's Zeon! (Me) Creator of the comic and main attraction! There can be an essay worth of telling my story but I think for now I'll stick to simple stuff! I created this comic when I was in 8th grade, and decided to take it to the next level of creativity through the power of a bamboo tablet and a computer! (I still draw better on paper) A social introvert is me.


My dream of a female interpertation of an Iron Maiden (Of course the soft bits are still there metaphorically speaking of course?) here's Kiara! The head strong female in this comic. Soul mate and "I won't be a mage because fuck you" companion. My main motivator aside from my most favorite webcomic in the whole world.  She sees to it that I get things done and responsibly on top of that,  Of course I owe a great deal to her for keeping my head up when it comes to me comic! 



Only my bestest pal in the whole world! Rykoa was there for my shitty highschool years and still here for my endeavors like I. His hairstyle is heavily based off of Piros bestfriends hair Largo from Mega Tokyo. (really great series by the by) He's my second (third) in command when it comes to Mischef with dreams of starting his own Webcomic himself on day. I usually have to threaten him to keep up with his art, because how else will he make a webcomic?! Rykoa and Zeon share a hilarious bond through beyblade and other shennanigans that involve laughing.



The one and only, Ouge! A fictional character created by me and a old friend from middle school who is kind of a parody off that caveman from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (so much for that "One and only!"..). After a while Ouge went in his own direction in the webcomic, he has his own segment of "Ouge Knows Best!" (Or OKB for short) he's still around in other strips but I had to give him a spotlight for the sake of him. With an undying hatred for Nazis, an addiction to ciggarettes and a multi trillion business involving rocks you wouldn't believe he lives in the basement (and attic) of our fictional house. Also I think he has saiyan blood in him, I dunno.