Blog - Once more!:

by ZeonAnosha
6th Aug 2018, 12:27 PM
After long last I rise again, after..I dunno. It's been forever and a day I can tell ya that much. So it's best I just cut to the chase about where I been, the future of Mischeif, and what I want to do with my life from here on.
So,after like 2 years of getting a job, I decided to focus on geting my life together before anything else, however, there was a car accident somewhere in the mix, all good though other driver was at fault, got a 1k more than what we paid for it so that worked out, girlfriend was shook for a bit but she's all good now. I had about 2 or 3 kidney stones between the time of last blog post and now. 2 out of 3 succesfully left my body, one of them got stuck. The procedure went well, just pissing blood for a week, then another week of recovering. Having a stent in you isn't fun. Of course games were still there, and I've been recording comic ideas so I have plenty to draw. But y,know, just trying to get by n stuff, yeah? So, I started streaming! (Just like another hundred other people whilst this blog post is being typed) I did it before, I used to stream Nostale, Wakfu (I sucked ASS at that game) and I would draw too! But that was a time long before now. I decided to try it again, why not? Don't worry, I still work at Chic Fil A, much to my dismay. But I just figured I should try something new, apply myself. I've also been losing weight, watching my calories, excercising n junk. Going good! I'm sub 200lbs now and I don't plan on stopping, figuring out I'm overweight for my height and age, I figured I'd make a change. Whilst on that 'high' I told myself  "Lets try something new!" So here we are, with new goals in mind I plan on taking Mischeif forward with me, not out of a form of pity obligation of "hey I feel bad for not drawing so I'm gonna force myself or somethin" no, I wanna see how far I can take this, 2018 is the year people make careers out of their hobbies, so why not try? I read a cheesy inspirational quote talking about people wanting piece of a pie when they can just make their own. And I thought, well, while cheesy, he's got a point. So here I am, taking more control of my life. Saving money, planning to move out, I had some money saved up but the procedure for the kidney stone kind of ran me dry from what I had. So when you guys see this, I'm back in action! I long added a twitch tab on the home menu you can click to watch me if you want. I stream Sunday 4pm-7pm, Wednesday 2pm-6pm and Saturdays1pm-8pm EST by the by. Various games n such.