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Proc-less feats.
by ZeonAnosha

How many blag posts will I type until I'm dead! More at 5.



Oh look, I'm back, with another long strung out story about my absence. So if you read this far, awesome, glad you stayed. Now if you read any other blog posts you would know what happened so I don't feel the need to recap.  I tried to stay with a steady update schedule until I misplaced my tablet pen as far as I remember. I was also playing Final Fantasy XIV on the ps4 since there was no way the laptop I got was gonna run it, with no money and having an older model tablet (CTH-470) getting a pen would be a hassle. Fast forward to August of last year, Kiara works at Chic-Fil-A, and around July her store got a remodel, and some people didn't come back after a month of not working. (Porbably found something better.) Anyways it was an ample oportunity for me to get income again so why not, right? Getting used to a fast food joint and chic-fil-a on top of that was stressing at first. I was beat and I didn't quite like the idea of working 6 days a week. Now I didn't quit, I just altered my schedule. I requested to work, Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday. It was going good until  the guy who made the schedule kept giving me less and less hours, which, yes it did suck, I had time for Final Fantasy! However not getting paid a lot and not being able to actually budget my life properly was troubling, so after I had my fill of being home more days than working I asked, why? Apparently people were out peforming me rendering me to be just an extra IF they needed me. I wasn't having that. How can I prove myself when I only work 2 days? With short shifts on top of that? So after the help of some other co workers and putting my foot down, I got the days I wanted and quickly became an asset. 


My schedule at the time was 2pm to 11pm. Only problem with that is having to take the bus leaves me with no time to myself during the days I work. Even on my off days I find myself sometimes lazing around more often than normal, normally it's from the work load and other times it's general laziness. Nevertheless, I always found time for Final Fantasy. This would go on for a while whilst I saved up money and caught myself up on bills n junk. Oh yeah, I remember we saved up a shit ton of money for MAGfest, so that was awesome. Got a bunch of shit I wanted. Still ain't buy that pen. Nothing much else had changed for a while since then, just been saving up money for a car and keeping my life financially steady. Nothing else eventful really happened for a while until I finally had enough money to throw at driving school and not be broke for 2 weeks, which altered my schedule to 3pm to 11pm so I wouldn't be late to work afterwards, not being home for over 12 hours sucked. Fortunately enough after driving school I was able to score a car for cheap! Just need to take the test!


What the hell does this mean for the comics, I mean, that's why I bothered making this blog post in the first place.

Well simply enough I found a pen and even got fast shipping on that bitch so it got here fast. Also bought some neat drawing tablet gloves so my hand doesn't smear my tablet. And most importantly, I've been jotting down ideas ever since so I have a nice big ol chache of comics that needs drawing! Mischeif will pick up with an update on Wednesday, the 26th (also the day of my test!) as it's update schedule will be every Wednesday and Saturday! I'll also be making changed to the web page to spice things up a bit!

Living Dead
by ZeonAnosha

GOOD [Insert your current time here] ROBOTROPOLIS! 



It's been a while...or rather too long. Either way I got a story for you. Like, really long. Spanning why I haven't been here for an entire year. (If not longer) But I'll wrap it up nicely, I got comics to make. So sit tight it's alot.


I think I made a blog about how I got employed at Gamestop! Well, to sum this up quick, I left. Don't get me wrong, the bonus swag, and employee customer relationships were great! Alongside taking all the preowned steelbook cases. (Fair game) I don't agree with their prices, and a bunch of other things. I had a great team! As an SGA (Senior Game Advisor) it felt nice having the power to open and close the store. But it was also such a drag. Let me back up a bit: I started off on the lowest level and worked my way up. With a great manager and so forth I was able to enjoy my time there! Like I said, I didn't really agree with a lot of things I'll cover later. As with every retail store, you're gonna have your ups and downs, good days and bad. And days where you're just so tempted to walk out the store and never come back. Things were great when I was just a GA (Game Advisor) Simple tasks, alongside selling games. Simple. After a coupld of months I was offered a promotion! More pay and more power, what could go wrong?! Kind of everything involving my personal life.


Don't get me wrong, I still wrote down ideas for comics and what not but I just started losing time to myself. And a bunch of personal crap just kept butting in. I hardly had time to play Final Fantasy with how late I've been coming home. I don't live far from my local GS. But with these shitty bus routes I might as well have. I'm not a morning person for the life of me, but since when did your employer care about what you can or can't do because everyone else is doing it? Though I preffered morning shifts, leaving me with the rest of the day to goof off and relax. Closing is what I hated simply because of counting down the registers  and cleaning up behind the people under me in case they missed something. But to sum this part up, opening and closing the store and not getting home till damn near 12 am every closing shift sucked ass.



You guys thought I would forget the juicy stuff? I started working at Gamestop in January of the beginning of last year. We're fast forwarding to like..October and beyond now. But before I get into all of that. Employees were switched around, some left, some relocated. New, dumb people. New manager and our district manager sucked. The new manager was....alright. Great guy  outside of the workplace but not in the workplace. He would always find a way to toss the workload on everyone under him just because he's the store manager, and he gets to spend 30min talking with a customer while I gotta handle the line of customers. He was a nice guy though, honest!  Needless to say however, the store was in shambles around this time. We had more seasonal than permanent. And it was bad since of course the seasonals didn't know jack so having 2 clueless seasonals while I rip and run around the store wasn't my ideal day.  But it happened a lot.  Now, the seasonals were great people just lacked experience. Some learned quick, others were a waste of space. Simple as that.


Somewhere in bewtween I forgot to mention we got robbed earlier in the year, somewhere in the summer I think. Guy played it off nicely too props to him, I think he got caught. At that point I made a vow:

If we were to get robbed again, I'm leaving.


Fast forward toooooooooooo, Pre Black Friday and Post Black Friday

Hell and back in a temporary perpetual loop! Well, of course pre black friday was hell. For starters I never mentioned how fucked up our back room was all the time we'd rarely have it clean. Setting up all the new signs n shit every night in perparation for it was stupid. New signs everyday, no. Just stupid. And it was funny because my current manager was planning to leave the company after the holliday season. Way to keep the morale, right? Well, black friday came and went. Wasn't the best, but you can bet your sweet ass I'm not gonna work at another retail store again. Post black friday was worse. Manager was super checked out. And some personal matter made him a walking wreck. I had to pull a double for him and let me tell ya, it wasn't pretty. It was because of his personal matters we had to borrow someone elses assistant store manager to be out acting store manager. It was terrible. Everyone was checked out, no one really cared, but out district manager was up our ass so much we had to put some effort into it. Some more shit happened and out manager took a leave. Our current assistant store manager put his two weeks in like a month later, so he was gonzo. So it was an assistant store manager acting as our store manager, me the senior game advisor acting as the assistant store manager and senior game advisor and only 1 game advisor and the rest seasonals. Without a raise or promotion in sight, I carried on. 



Now moving forward to christmas and junk. That was horrible. The amount of work we had to do on christmas eve felt like torture. If we were to actually get everything done, we wouldn't have left the store until 12am or latwe. I remember my district manager "pulling me to the side" here and there to talk about how he was upset with me for not getting certain things done. And lemme tell ya, I couldn't care less. And I hope he read my facial expressions, but he wants to be my buddy when he wanted me to pull a double. From there the acting store manager and me were checked out. I was actually looking for a second job, it was gonna be at the gas station just being the clerk, simple easy pay, and relaxing since I would have been able to sit there. That didn't go so well. From not having games in stock despite the system saying we do and everything being everywhere nothing went well. After the major christmas rush we had the super last minute rush here and there in January. I remember getting a call from a store manager from another store telling me I had to hurry down to the store despite my shift not starting for a good 3 hours because there was a line wrapping around the store. I almost laughed at him. But I told him I'd get down as fast as I could. Which was like another hour and a half.


So with the store still in shambles our acting store manager departed as he was needed back at his store, we exchaned PSN names and that was that. The store manager was kind of cool. He told me I couldn't wear my cargo pants and that I would have to wear jeans or khakis. Funny thing, I wore the same cargo pants everyday and not one manager nor the district manager said anything about them. This was my first red flag. I wasn't having it, call me unfair but my cargo pants weren't harming anyone. Then, another red flag was one morning I had to walk to our bank with our fucking safe money to make change because the manager wanted to have change for the day, he wasn't coming in until 12 in the afternoon that day. I did it. I called my mom on the way to and from and talked to her since she's up just as early as me. It was hell, even the bank tellers were upset that I had did such a thing. Now it wasn't TOO bad despite me having a buldge in my lower pocket of my cargo pants. Everything went swimmingly that day until..


We got robbed, again.

And if I were paranoid, I would have hit out panic button, but I thought nothing of the guy who walked by the store who was all bundled up hiding his face, I thought he was cold! Now that I think about it, he might have been one of our seasonals.....go figure. Anyways I had a conversation with another custom before this happened. Some older looking guy walked in, and walked to the opening of where the counter is asking me where our systems were. He pulled out his gun shortly after, and boy that was something. So I showed him, he bagged up the games then I emptied the registers as commanded by the other dude. Though it was funny, he told me to sit in the corner behind the counter afterwards, but he forgot he needed the key to get in the back so he told me to stand up and open it. I laughed on the inside. Once they had all they could fit in the trash bag which was ripping. They left. I followed protocol and called the cops n shit. Hilarious enough, my district manager called shortly after I got off the phone with the cops. And guess fucking what, the new store manager just came too. Everything was simple, sort of. I called my mom and boy did she have words to say. My step dad came and picked me up. After I filled out the report I broke down after I messaged my brother. Realizing I could have been shot and left for dead behind that counter or in the back room and no one would have known for a while. The reality of me losing my life over fucking video games was real. My district manager was of no help trying to make me feel better. I put my two weeks in and that was that, it wasn't worth risking my life being in that store. Oh and the kicker of this was 5 days after my last day, they got robbed again. And remember that one Game Advisor I said we had? He left after that. I don't know what happened after that, though I  have pre orders I need to get in order.



Now that I got that out the way, I ought to tell you guys my PC died 2 months later, hard drive failure. So I was left with my phone and partial usage with my girlfriends laptop. I bought a new HDD but now it seems to be a power supply issue after further inspection and research. I bought my cousins old laptop like 2 weeks ago, and after some updates it's good to go! I've been drawing in my sketchbook beforehand which had helped me a lot. I got into Gravity Falls as my girlfriend was finishing it. So I joined in and holy crap I'm so late. Also I'm only going to say this once: Wendip forever and ever. Sad it took that ship to get me into fanfic after all these years.  I've been drawing them lately, those two. It's an addiction at this point.

Like I said, I've been jotting ideas since then for comics and my other cousin actually convinced me to plan for a Patreon which I might post about later. For the future of Mishceif I'll be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which will allow me to work on comics and Vulgar Issues, oh yeah I'm bringing  that back too, but since I want to actually make that an actual story and not a gag comic I've got lots of planning to do for it, I got the main characters out the way but that's another story for another time.

That sums up just about everything for me, and the comic. Here's to another 500+ comics!

by ZeonAnosha

Hey everyone! It's your favortie slacker, Zeon! Just here to update you all on whats to come for Mischeif. As most of you should know, Otakon is coming up, and I'm gearing for another year of getting my name out there! 

On the image below I'm at the red square with my cousin, Courtney Crowe!

We'll be selling original works, I'll be selling yet another random book of Mischeif, with some silly pins all orignal (hopefully) and if things go well, original prints! 

As far as my cousin, she'll be selling just about the same things but of course all her own, and mainly original prints, so if you're coming to Otakon, please give us a visit, and for anyone reading this and you come on by and mention the secret (Rock Solid) you've earned yourself 5 dollars off my book!


Now regarding, work as you guys clearly see, even with the lesser work load of comics I failed to deliver, and if your read the author comment, you'll know why, now I'm going to fix this to the best of my abilities, but work most certainly comes first. Other than that, as far as future conventions go, they'll happen when they happen! See you guys next blog!

Power to the players my ass.
by ZeonAnosha

If I had to choose between a lifetime supply of cold pizza or a good paying job, I'm not going anywhere with this. How's it going guys! I'm back (I hope) And yet again another blog with empty promises, long story short since I've a lot to do with little time, working at gamestop sucks, but I got a PS3 with playback, but, boy do I hate it there, it's fun selling games and helping people (who are willing to listen) make the right decision when buy games for their kids or especially when they don't know anything about games. Retail still sucks though. At least I found time to make comics again!

Update complete[?]
by ZeonAnosha

The somewhat bountiful update

Hello everyone! It seems life has granted me a phoenix down and has given me a chance to update while I have time. As most of you know, I've been busy. There hasn't been an update in like forever. And I was actually getting to a point of putting the comic on hiatus until I had time. And now I do! If you saw last nights "comic" you should know this "big" update was coming. And I got some plans and ideas I wanna run by you all and get some feed back or something.

The future of Mischeif.

As you all know, I have big plans for Mischeif and Mischeif has big plans for me. It has slowly turned into a one man army project as Kiara is more busier with work than I am, and Rykoa is balancing school AND work. Maybe they'll throw in some help later on down the line, we'll see. Regarding Mischeif and conventions, that is something I want to do more and more. I'm terribly limited to conventions only here in Baltimore and DC. That's not bad considering thats like...4 conventions in one year I could sell stuff and do. But also it's a financial issue, it has always been a financial issue, not from day one of Mischeif but like a few years into Mischeif. But I have a decent paying job at a Staples. And at 19 years old there's just a load of things that needs to be done and with such little time. I won't dwell too much into it but I think I mentioned it in another blog about me paying rent whilst living wih my parents. And for $200 a month it's managable. But now they want to raise it to $400 aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there's no hope for me there if that goes through. Anyways long story short about that, I can't get my life together if my parents expect me to cough up $100 less of a half of grand for rent. MOVING ON! If anyone is familiar with Staples, they have a copy and print area. And with being an employee you get discounts. And they do business cards and banners n such, things I need for Mischeif! Sooo after I get caught up with my comics I was gonna do some sketching and brainstorming for a banner and a new business card logo and all that jazzy stuff. I got to take a look at an example of what kind of banners they do as well. And just my luck that they can make the exact size I want it too! So now, all I gotta do is save up, and while I save up, work on some art for a banner and business cards! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last topic of this ocean of words. Streams and recordings! I had planned on purchasing a premium account for Xsplit so I can stream better for you guys on Twitch and have fun interaction time with you all! But I'll wait until more of you guys know about it before I do that. Speaking of Twitch----> http://www.twitch.tv/zeonanosha7 go follow me and wait for greatness every Friday at 9pm to 11pm/12am Eastern time! I'll actually be picking up my streams again starting this Friday, hope to see you peeps there! And if you made it this far, thank you for caring about my comic and go ahead and give Mischeif's facebook page a like! You can find the link in the homepage bar thingy! Thanks again guys!